My name is Marc Ulrich.  I grew up in Plymouth, IN.  Like many Hoosiers, after high school, I attended college, graduated and moved away.  I’ve spent several years away from Indiana.  In 2015, my wife, Heather, and I moved our family back to Indiana. More specifically, we moved to Merrillville, IN.

We moved our family back to Indiana for one reason, to start a church that would be different than any church we’ve been a part of in the past.  RE.THINK Church exists to lead people into a maturing relationship with Jesus.  We want to offer the hope of Jesus because we believe it’s this hope that changes lives, families, and communities. You can find more information about RE.THINK Church at

We love living in Merrillville, IN.  It’s different than any other place we’ve lived in before.  We believe the opportunities are great here in Merrillville.  We are so excited to see the people, families, and community of Merrillville live fully into their potential.

Heather and I love a great adventure. We have raised our sons to also embrace life as a great adventure.  Life is just waiting to be explored, so go explore it!  #ulrichadventures